Why Mind Candy? Why not! Have you found your mind wondering thinking about how you truly long to be a part of something bigger then yourself, only to snap back  to reality with the memory strong but the context elusive? Catch yourself breathless and craving to be a part of a world where you fit in and know your place like a drone ready to serve a queen bee? Have a strong desire to be deviously controlled by a strong woman who commands your attention just by her mere lilt of her voice?  If  you can feel the answer boring into your mind and replicating is a resounding yes… then you are ready for Mind Candy Hypnosis. It’s a delicious piece of tasty candy for your mind. A respite in a boring world, a perpetual virtual vacation where you don’t have a care in the world but to just be who you were meant to be. Welcome to Mind Candy Hypnosis.

Dive in. Indulge. Learn. Desire. Serve. Crave.